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Elevating Zootown, One Prescribed Burn at a Time

Missoula's Preferred Recreational & Medical Marijuana Dispensary
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Deeply Rooted in Missoula's Heritage.

We're not just another dispensary; we're a reflection of Missoula's rich cannabis culture. Sourcing locally-grown strains and supporting our community growers, we ensure you experience the true essence of Montana's finest.

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A Curated Selection for Every Cannabis Enthusiast.

From aromatic flower buds and potent edibles to therapeutic tinctures and topicals, our diverse product lineup caters to both recreational users and medicinal patients. Dive into our vast inventory and discover the perfect product tailored to your unique preferences.

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Meet Our Cannabis Connoisseurs.

Guided by deep knowledge and a passion for the plant, our team of seasoned budtenders is here to enlighten and assist. Whether you're a newbie seeking guidance or a seasoned user looking for that next best strain, trust in our expertise to elevate your cannabis journey.

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Find Your Way to Elevated Bliss.

Navigating to Missoula's premium cannabis destination has never been easier. Check out our interactive map below and let the journey to Prescribed Burn guide you towards unparalleled quality and experience.